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"None of us is as smart as all of us." 

Ken Blanchard

Our international partners

Our international partners (English language)

Our French partners

Our partners in France (French language)

Ohanes Missirilian

Our international partner for negotiation skills.

Ohanes is an international expert on BtoB Marketing and Procurement training.

He develops and facilitates training to Procurement professionals and Sales all over the world.

Topics covered are: Category Management, Key Account Management, Negotiation, Risk Management, Project Management.

Fabrice Gardel

DEVOP is our key partner in France for soft skills trainings.

Fabrice Gardel is the managing director of DEVOP Training firm (France).

Mark Gray

Our international partner for Project Management

President of GrayTPM.

An expert in project management and a background in engineering, Mark applies his experience and training to raise the level of project management excellence in individuals and organisations.

PMP-PM Professional, he is Vice-President Operations for PMI France since 2018.

Stephane Levebvre

Our partner in France for trainings in Finance.

Since 2003, Nestranny Conseil has supported businesses and local authorities in optimizing their financial resources. 

The services provided are carried out in the form of studies, audits, consulting and training assignments. These represent around 50 internships per year. 

Our missions are intended to be perfectly suited to the needs of the structure concerned, and are part of a sustainable approach. 

You ?

Our future international partner

Pierre Hurel

Our partner for trainer best practices and skills assessment in France.

Pierre has created GIFOR with a mission to develop skills in company :
. Professionalizing trainers, training engineering and training management department
. First line management training
. Preventiv Security Behaviour training in security company
. Development of immersive learning and serious games with VTS Editor
. Skills assessment