In-class trainings :

Since 1995, our three drivers are :

* Impossible to sleep ! Participants have to be motivated to listen

* Tailor made ! Our clients are convinced that we understand their context and their needs

* Get to the point ! We deliver practical techniques which can be applied immediately. 

Online trainings :

The Pandemia was a real challenge for us :

 Would it be possible to have the same level of energy online than in-class ?

Our answer is "yes".

We found a good combination between time management and learning experience :)

Speaker :

For the Project Management Institute (PMI) Singapore chapter, I was very honored to be invited as a speaker.

In 2019 on stage for "Project management and negotiation skills"

In 2020 online for "Handling cross-cultural adaptive mindset"

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For managers

* Project Management

* Cross-cultural management

* Piloting change

* Coaching in remote

For Sales

* Selling remotely

* Negotiation skills in remote

For everyone

* Training remote trainers

* Presentation skills

* Influence & Convince

* Running efficient virtual workshop

* Conflict resolution

* Storytelling